our team

Teams in our institute (the so-called RDP) are composed of small groups led by independent principal investigators working in a collaborative environment.


Our group is part of the "Hormonal Signalling and Development" team led by Teva Vernoux.

Current members of the moss group

• Yoan Coudert (PI, CNRS CR)

• Stéphanie Lainé (INRA AI)

• Elsa Véron (PhD student), in collaboration with Dolf Weijers

• Moïra Courseaux (M2 student, ENS Lyon)

April 2019 

Past members

• Arthur Muller (CNRS IE)

• Raquel Rémy (M2 student)

• Gladys Cloarec (CNRS IE)

• Letizia Cornaro (ERASMUS student)